Which Type of Assignments are Given to UAE MBA Students

Which Type of Assignments are Given to UAE MBA Students
Which Type of Assignments are Given to UAE MBA Students

If you just take admission in an online MBA Exam, but haven’t not much more experience about learning format. Many assignments given to the MBA student,must be required to complete the assignment on time. Students in an online program are required to complete video lectures, participate in discussion boards, and work with a group on a wide range of business projects and submit their assignment in time.

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If you want to take help in MBA assignments help UAE then directly contact our professional team at an affordable price. Here we are discussing list of following type of assignment for UAE MBA students:

  1. Writing a case study: Students can reflect on experiential learning, internships, personal experiences and many more. MBA Students are required to update their case study throughout to any given course. It is the best way to build business relationships with other students in the program and entrepreneur.

  1. Discussion board: Submit weekly coursework is a major part of online classes. The professor asked  questions and students are required to respond to their questions.

  1. Exam and Quiz:  Exam and quiz are important in online MBA exams. Now these days students attempt online exams. This online exam may be monitored by the webcam and proctor software.

  1. Formal research paper submissions: For UAE MBA students require to submit formal research paper writing. This paper submission must be unique.

  1. Group project: In group projects, MBA students prepare their real-life business situation, business plan development. In this project students are required to work in a team,and know their roles and responsibilities. Every student must contribute equally.

  1. Video lecture: Professor provides some recorded video lecture,article and book. Every MBA student is required to submit their answer as asked by the professor. These answers must be submitted before the deadline.

  1. Visual presentations and collaborations: In this assignment students are required to submit their recorded presentations to the professor. Students can present business plans, solutions of business problems, and interact with each other.

  1. Wikis: Wikis basically a website to use a  quick and easy syntax to allow student users to apply formatting text and create links between pages.In this online program UAE MBA students use wikis to submit answers to research questions, write a task list, and lunch discussions work in a group project.

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