Top Universities list to do study in the United Arab Emirates

Top Universities list to do study in the United Arab Emirates
Top Universities list to do study in the United Arab Emirates

Commonly the United Arab Emirates is made of seven states or emirates. Doing study in the UAE has its certain benefits like sun,sea, sand, and potential tax-free earnings after completion of graduation,and post graduation. According to the QS World University Rankings, only some universities are top in the gulf region. But these universities are so strict to their academic rules and regulations. Many students face hurdles in their assignment writings so they are looking for assignments  help Dubai.

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There are only five universities in the United Arab Emirates according to QS World University Rankings-2021 and QS Arab region University Rankings-2018. Find out more about UAE’s highest-rank universities.

  1. United Arab Emirates University: Its ranking is 248th in global rankings,but this university has 5th rank in the Arab region rankings. It is the oldest university in the Arab country and established in 1976. This university has the best alumni leader in the field of government and business.Student can start their career to take admission in this university.This university receives 5- star rating in online learning program.

  1. American University of Sharjah: It has ranked 7th in the Arab region rankings and 348 in global rankings. This university has licences for both the US and UAE. It is based on the US model of higher education and best choice for international students located in sharjah. Every year many students are awarded for scholarship programs so it is the correct option for international students. If you like to play sports games then this university’s sports team is invited to tournaments across the region.

  1. Khalifa University: Its rank is 211th in global rankings and 9th rank in the Arab region. Currently about 1500 students read in this university, but having a plan for a new campus means the university can teach up to 6000 students in future.They offer high quality graduate and undergraduate programs taught by top world class professors, academics and researchers. Khalifa university offers a high quality learning environment for every student.

  1. University of Sharjah: It was established in 1997, university of sharjah rank 601-650 in the QS world University ranking and 16th position in Arab region. This university plays an important role in the socioeconomic development of the emirate of Sharjah. This university leads in the field of Islamic science at the level of Gulf countries.In order to establish practical leadership and flexible communications, transparency and accountability.

  1. Zayed University: Established in 1998, its rank is 701-750 in the QS world university rankings 2019.It has 6500 have enrolled for this university currently, with 158 university students.This university accepts outcome based academic program model. It provides equal support to every student with diverse learning needs. Their academic staff mission is to ensure that all students, regardless of ability, receive first class education to achieve their potential.

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